Bounce Bot – RiQ Bounces Off Walls!

Your RiQ’s touch sensitive buttons can be used for many things like a bumper switch that activates a command or a simple button to START/STOP a program. This program will make RiQ turn around when he bumps into a wall.

Features-Touch-Sensor-100Touch Sensor

Use touch sensors (pressure sensitive switch) with RiQ to make sure he knows when he runs into a wall, a chair leg, or your pets.

Touch Program

In this program, Motors AB will be ON all the time because Ports A and B are both selected in the first command, set to the ON state, and then the program goes into a LOOP.
Inside the LOOP, If the button plugged into Port 0 is pressed motor B REVERSES for half a second causing RiQ to turn, then REVERSES back to forward.