RiQ Bat-Bot!   Echolocation with Ultrasonic Sensors

Just like a bat, RiQ’s ultrasonic sensor uses sound for echolocation, and can also detect distance.

You can program your robot to avoid crashing into things in his way, or escape from objects!

Ultrasonic Sensor


RiQ’s “eyes” help him find his way using ultrasonic sound waves!

Use high frequency waves to navigate and identify objects with the power of science!


RiQ needs some personality. Can you make your RiQ look like a bat? 

Ultrasonic Program

In the ELSE condition, motors AB will be ON whenever an object is not detected.

If the ultrasonic sensor senses an object closer than 30 centimeters, motor A will go THATWAY and motor B will go THISWAY (opposite direction) both for a fifth of a second. This makes the robot turn around.